Project Update

I have had a notification from Kickstarter that someone would like an update on Naked Little Dude and I’m really sorry I haven’t updated on here for some time.

I’ve genuinely had a lot on and not had the opportunity but I would also recommend if you do want further updates to follow me on Twitter as I do tend to drop updates on there more often.

I have many reasons for being AWOL. For starters like most people Covid has hit hard and my work has become more hectic and draining. It has also hit my personally as my mum was suffering with dementia and lock down had a cruel effect on this and she rapidly went downhill. Not being able to visit meant that she has actually pretty much forgotten who I am in such a short space of time.

My dad had a stroke right in the middle of the pandemic which left my family not only worried about that but worried if he would catch anything while in Hospital. We of course were not allowed to see him which made it much harder.

I had a phase where I was drinking more I took things out on people I shouldn’t and essentially had a mini breakdown which I guess was kind of the time where I realised I had to try and change things around.

I don’t often open up with things like this but I guess under the circumstances of having a deliverable of a game for you guys I should be open and honest about what went on.

I have also been making various home improvements. This is because having to work from home merges my work station with my dev station and I struggled to separate the two. So I have made some quality of life changes so I can have a better balance of the two and also now have an area at home where I can actually just go and relax. It has made a big difference but again has taken a lot of my time.

This does mean however that I will need to change the release date as I have ended up further behind than I would like at this point.

It got more positive from here but it led to me rebuilding a lot of the earlier levels. Some parts didn’t sit right and i felt I was building on wonky code and unfinished mechanics. Such as the menu system and stupid bugs where the player would disappear. The mobile controls also had a major overhaul.

I’ve managed to resolve a lot of annoying outstanding things.

Despite not having as much time as I would like at the moment I have been making some progress. with some new level mechanics.

Swimming needed to be rewritten. It was buggy and when transitioning across different tiles of water was acting strangely.

 project video thumbnail

I need to add some fish and enemies under the water yet but the main mechanic is working smoothly.

Another new mechanic is a level where you need to avoid falling spikes to unlock collectables and to finish the level. This is of course made more complicated by having sliding penguins to avoid!

 project video thumbnail

A fun little addition to the levels.

As another little bit of fun I have also added a mammoth to the game. I have only just added this and deciding how it will all work but here is a fun little glitch that happened! 😀

 project video thumbnail

I’m undecided if moon walking mammoths are a bug or a feature!

Sorry for the length of this update and sorry it has taken me so long to even give you an update but I have been progressing the game. Just sadly not as quickly as I would like however hopefully I have been adding some cool stuff to make the levels more varied and fun.

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