Naked Little Dude Spooky Update!

Haunted House

It’s #screenshotsaturday somewhere right?? Testing out the new #hauntedhouse assets for #nakedlittledude I like the way this is heading. Although it looks like there’s a bug I need to squash! Rounded off nicely with a track by @ScowshMolosh #gamedev #indiedev #pixelart

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Project Update


I have had a notification from Kickstarter that someone would like an update on Naked Little Dude and I’m really sorry I haven’t updated on here for some time. I’ve genuinely had a lot on and not had the opportunity but I would also recommend if you do want further…

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Always Learning….

touch controls

I’ve spent some time now working on Naked Little Dude and I’ve learnt a lot of valuable lessons along the way. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs, a few personal problems and for good measure a nice slice of global pandemic which we’ve all shared so you all…

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Added some new animations

Village Overworld

Decided to add some bits to the game I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. Added to the idle animations. The original ones were done by @pigeonhat and I have added a couple more. There’s also a cameo from a certain pup (thanks @alWirehead) Although he is meant…

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Building more levels

Level Design

A less exciting #screenshotsaturday where I am planning on fleshing out as many levels as possible as a basic design to return to them later and give them the final polish and test. #nakedlittledude #pixelart #gamedev #indiedev

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